Meet the Jury!

The winners of the scholarship is chosen by a jury of people in the games industry from King and representatives from Diversi.

For the 2017 GDC Scholarship the jurors are:

Iris Andresdottir

Senior Producer

Iris Andresdottir currently works as a Senior Producer for King – of Candy Crush fame – where she’s been involved with new initiatives and projects. Previously she has held various executive and production titles for companies like Stardoll, Meteor Entertainment, Gogogic and more. She has a reputation for helping teams organize themselves to be autonomous and independent while still delivering beyond expectations. She is passionate about the people that work in the industry and the power they wield when properly motivated.

Stephen Jarrett

VP Game Design

Stephen Jarrett is VP Game Design at King as well as elevating game design, narrative and creative direction across King’s studios, Stephen overlooks a team of 144 Game designers, Narrative designers and Level designers. With 20 years of Game design experience; covering console, handheld, MMORPG and Mobile, Stephen has worked for companies such as Sony, Bullfrog, Nickelodeon ,Namco, and Disney/Pixar.